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This site is integrated with Fotomoto, allowing you to sell your prints and have them fulfilled automatically with their fulfillment center.

To see it in action, visit a gallery and look for the buttons to purchase a print or send an eCard.

Fotomoto support is available in the FolioHD Power plan. You can learn more about our Fotomoto integration at

By the way, did you know you can link custom pages without adding a link in your site's navigation? Here's an example of a page that is only linked from here!

Photos used in this demo site are from Unsplash and courtesy of the following artists:

David Billings, Jenny Caywood, Alec Krum, John Vicente, John O'Nolan, Lachlan Gowen, Sebastian Unrau, Rural Explorer, Geran de Klerk, Kunal Shinde, Tim Swaan, Lukasz Szmigiel, Jeremy Bishop, Casey Horner